1. Gymnastics performance training

    Gymnastics is a very demanding sport on the body. The gymnasts body takes an incredible amount of force and stress with many of the complex routines from the floor landing to the bars that can lead to injuries. Each year, close to 100,000 gymnastics-related injuries are treated in hospitals, doctor’s offices, physical therapy clinics and surgery centers. With the complexity of routines, the risk…Read More

  2. Personal Training Is Fit For Everyone

    There’s no such thing as an age limit when it comes to personal fitness. It is always a goal of ours to ensure that everyone that comes through our doors reaches and exceeds individual fitness goals for a better, healthier life. Through intense physical personal training sessions at VanHook in Las Vegas, our members reach limits they didn’t know once existed. Here’s what you can expect durin…Read More

  3. Performance Training with an Injury

    At Van Hook Training we have a motto “Train Smart.” But no matter how hard or smart you train, some injuries are simply inescapable. And when they happen, the injured athlete enters into no man’s land. They are kicked to the side and told to go see the PT; they feel left out of the team setting. - They no longer feel invincible. - Their excitement is replaced by uncertainty and even depressi…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Sports Training

    Sports performance training aids students in achieving sports excellence, but the benefits of our training here at VanHook Sports Performance extend well beyond increased performance out there on the field. Here are a few other factors you may not have thought of: Hone Your Focus When you train with our personal sports trainers here at VanHook, you’re training with athletes who know what it take…Read More

  5. VHSP Athlete UNLV Soccer player Kyle Mellies named WAC Defensive Player of the Year

    UNLV Soccer player Kyle Mellies named WAC Defensive Player of the Year It has been a pleasure working with Kyle over the years. He first came in for sports training when he was at Silverado High School and has grown into a great student athlete. His sports training program has varied from functional strength training and Speed and Agility/Footwork drills to Mobility and Injury Prehab and Rehabilit…Read More

  6. VHSP Client Jordan Ober Committed to Nebraska on Full Scholarship!

    Van Hook Sports Performance athlete Jordan Ober committed to Nebraska on full scholarship. Jordan has been a client at VHSP for over 2 years and we are very proud to see Ober move on to play for the Huskers. Congratulations on your hard work!! Applause from your performance coaches here at VanHook! Las Vegas Sun Article…Read More

  7. Ryan Farr Commits to University of Florida to Play Football for the Gators

    Ryan Farr commits to University of Florida to play football for the Gators 12-31-14 Ryan Farr has been a client of Van Hook Sports Performance for over 3 years and has grown tremendously with his hard work and dedication in the weight room and on the field playing football at Coronado High School in Henderson, NV. The personal training coaches at Van Hook sports performance wish him the best!…Read More

  8. Van Hook Sports Performance client Drew Robinson Drafted in the 4th round by the Texas Rangers

    Drew Robinson Drafted in the 4th Round VHSP Athlete Drew Robinson Drafted in the 4th round (136th overall) by the Texas Rangers Congratulation to Van Hook Sports Training alumni Drew Robinson, from the Silverado HS Baseball program for being selected in the 4th round by the Texas Rangers. Drew is another great kid who I expect a lot from in the future. I know when he leaves the Rangers organizatio…Read More

  9. Van Hook Sports Performance Athlete Mike Meyers Drafted by the Boston Red Sox

    Van Hook Sports Performance athlete Mike Meyers Drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 12th round of the 2012 MLB Draft from Silverado HS (Las Vegas, NV). Van Hook Sports Performance is proud to announce that our client Mike Meyers was Drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 12th round of the 2012 MLB Draft from Silverado HS (Las Vegas, NV). I have been working out with Brian for 5 years now and have s…Read More

  10. VHSP Athlete Avalon Frantz is National Finalist for the wendy’s high school Heisman

    Wendy's High School Heisman Avalon Frantz Boulder City High School, Boulder City, NV Academic Honors All State Academic Team, Volleyball, Track & Student Council Commencement Speaker for National Youth Leadership Conference, Washington, D.C. National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist BCHS Science Student of the Quarter Athletic Achievements Volleyball 2 year All-State School Records: NIAA Individ…Read More