Soccer is a game that is extremely demanding and is dependent upon many different athletic qualities. Van Hook Sports Performance training in Henderson, NV is what you need if your looking for more hands on training. Speed, agility, power, quickness, flexibility, strength, and aerobic and anaerobic capacity are all qualities that must be trained to perform at a high level in the sport. The soccer strength training and conditioning program at Van Hook Sports Performance Training is designed to address strength, power, mobility, coordination, balance, and reactive ability.

Strength training for soccer plays a huge role in increasing the ability to produce force and ultimately power but also in reducing the chance of injury. By improving an athletes’ ability to produce force and capacity to do work, there is an increased potential for the athlete to carry over the force produced to the actual game which can translate into moving faster and at a higher rate, becoming more explosive and making movement much more efficient. Strength training should be balanced and focus on developing all areas of the body to reduce the chance of injury.

The number of days per week that a soccer player should strength train will vary depending on several factors. There are times of the year where volume and intensity must be decreased so that the risk of injury is not increased. Each soccer player will have their own specific needs, but as a rule I would say 2-3 days of strength training depending on the time of year (pre-season, in-season, post-season).