Like every sport, football has its own specific sporting demands! Within the sport of football you have the big guys that need strength and muscular bulk to excel on the line as well as power, speed and agility to explode out of their stance and use that strength within a small area of the field!

You also have the speedy guys on the outside, sure they need strength but not as much emphasis is put on bulking up! They need to keep an idea weight to maximize their speed and agility, but still be able to take and give hits as needed. As a trainer that means training for strength and not hypertrophy (muscular size) like a bodybuilder would.

At Van Hook Sports we will design a program that will take into account all the specific demands of your position on the field. I like to say, if it was all about strength or size then power-lifters and bodybuilders would make the best football players! If you would like set up an appointment please feel free contact us with any questions you have.