Welcome to Van Hook Fitness and Sports Performance located in Henderson, NV. We are the premier choice for personal training and sports performance coaching in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Our science-based, results-driven, personalized workout programs are designed to meet your individual goals.

What sets Van Hook Fitness and Sports performance training apart from big box gyms?

We have each of our clients perform a full Functional Movement Screen so that we can address specific weakness within your body. Each person has their own specific needs and fitness goals. If you’re a housewife looking to lose body fat your workouts will be designed to meet YOUR goals, and YOUR workouts will be determined by YOUR Movement Screen. Some clients are looking to gain weight, and some are looking to lose.

At Van Hook Fitness and Sports Performance, you will benefit from first-class fitness instruction and coaching that will help you achieve your highest potential. All in a private upbeat, inspirational, motivational environment. This is not a “bootcamp style” workout gym, every workout is designed with your individual needs in mind! Do you have past injuries or health concerns? Is your current PT addressing your knee or back pains with specific exercises or Foam Rolling (a Self-Myofascial release technique) to address your flexibility concerns?

Remember back when you had that athletic, muscular, lean body… well do you? It’s time to get back to work and get back in the kind of athletic shape that will help you not only function better in day to day activities, but get competitive again and chase those kids around. There is nothing like our performance training program for Adults, we are like your good friends that tells it to you straight and puts you to work too. You can get fit at any age with the right fitness program. Are you serious about becoming more fit? With the right fitness instruction, you can get into better shape and be healthier at any age. You can look better and feel better, and you can have fun doing it. Just as you did when you were a kid and you spent hours running, jumping, and climbing – and never thought about it being exercise.

All of our fitness professionals are certified coaches and Personal Trainers. In fact, you won’t find a more effective adult fitness program anywhere.

Here’s what to expect with our Adult personal training programs:

  • Unique athletic workouts – Customized programs – from beginner to advanced – for your age, fitness level and goals.
  • Individual attention – Our low client-to-coach ratio allows us to work closely with you, so you get the greatest benefit.
  • Trained and certified coaches – Our coaches/Trainers are certified specialists within their field who have undergone continuing.
  • Varied workouts – Always fun. Always motivational. Always safe. And always progressing!
  • Results-driven training – Whether you’re a beginner, an avid amateur or a competitive pro, we’ll train you to look and feel like an athlete. How? Through highly personal, small-group sessions with an experienced certified coach.


900 W. Warm Springs Rd. Suite 103 Henderson, NV. 89011