At Van Hook Training we have a motto “Train Smart.” But no matter how hard or smart you train, some injuries are simply inescapable. And when they happen, the injured athlete enters into no man’s land. They are kicked to the side and told to go see the PT; they feel left out of the team setting.

– They no longer feel invincible.
– Their excitement is replaced by uncertainty and even depression.
– They fear that they’ll never get back to where they were.
– They wonder if the success they’ve dreamed about all their lives is now lost.

This is where the performance coaches at Van Hook Sports Performance Training in Henderson, NV come into play. As performance coaches, we understand working with athletes there is an entirely different component you need to address; this is no longer Speed and Agility or Strength Training – it’s about the comeback! Getting back into the game!

We have to help athletes understand the challenge that lie ahead and how they’ll climb that mountain.

At Van Hook Training we have coaches to help them, motivate them and keep them on track… and since the challenges they face are new and their confidence is shaken, our role as Athletic Performance Coaches might just be more important to them now than ever before in their playing career.

The worst thing you can do to an injured athlete is to leave them alone. The athlete needs to feel like he is still part of the team! Athletes need to be pushed, but they need attention from a qualified Performance Coach. An athlete needs more than just physical therapy. Most parents and athletes believe once they are cleared  thorough physical therapy they are good to go and good as new… This is far from the case!

In our role as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, we must recreate the mindset they need to be successful… whether it’s a knee, shoulder, hip or ankle injury… there is a way to train around it.

As a parent or athlete you need to know you can train through it and make the athlete better. Start rebuilding their confidence and laying the foundation to get the back on the field. Even if it’s leg day and the athlete has an ACL injury, they can still train. But the drill and exercises must be coached and executed properly.

Some common injuries we see at VanHook Sports Performance Training are: training with an upper body injury, strength training with a shoulder or wrist injury, lower body strength training with an upper body injury, as well as lower body strength training with a lower body injury. Our coaches are certified professionals that understand proper training techniques to improve performance.

For more info about our athletic training programs please contact us and get your evaluation.