Tyrell Crosby – Oregon
Seantrel Henderson – Bills
Jeremiah Poutasi – Broncos
Robert Myers – Seahawks
Josue Matias – Titans
Nick Gstrein – UNLV

                               Offensive Lineman Training

The training program for offensive lineman at VHSP is 60-90 minutes long and will cover:

• Designed for College and High School Level Lineman

• Footwork to include Pass and Run blocking technique.

• Strength training to develop hip explosion, and upper body power which is vital for linemen.

• ACL Prehab / hip and ankle mobility and stability.

• Shoulder mobility and stability with an emphasis on injury prevention.

• Hip Mobility and teaching proper position of the Offensive Lineman stance.

• Speed/Explosive start training based on the needs of a lineman (5-10 yards).

• Core strength and stability.

Every lineman will go through a (FMS) Functional Movement Screen assessments to establish a baseline starting point. Testing the athlete helps us understand the needs and weakness for each lineman.

Will Kreitler – UNLV
Ryan Farr – Florida
Jordan Ober – Nebraska
Austin Faoliu – Oregon


offensive lineman training
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