At VHSP all our clients receive individualized training programs based on the results of an initial one-on-one assessment, as well as regular progress checks. From here, they’re coached in a Private 1-on-1 or a small group setting and put into an environment in which they can succeed and have fun. This training format provides a motivating, unconditionally positive environment.

Each individual has various specific needs they should address for overall athletic development. A college football player might need a high level of strength, power and most certainly need a high level of agility, whereas a baseball player will need to improve their hitting power as well acceleration for base running, and have less of a need for endurance. This is not to say endurance is not important for a baseball player, just lower down the scale of priority. Every sport has its own skillset.

At VHSP we TEACH athletes, we are professional personal training COACHES here to help you succeed on the field and/or court. Make no mistake, the training programs for athletes at Van Hook Sports Performance can be hard! But you will not jump into a training program you are not ready for! To start off, each athlete is evaluated based on current level of ability and fitness. After the initial evaluation, a training program is designed specific to the athlete and their sport of choice. This program will be based on each athlete’s previous experience, evaluation data, performance trainer recommendations and sport-specific training needs. Emphasizing on technique first, the training intensity will then be progressively increased. Each session affords an opportunity for athletes to get faster and stronger, PERIOD!!! No gimmicks, no sales pitches, just training more explosive, more intense, more personal and more thorough than any you’ll experience. Our 7,000 SF Sport Performance training in Henderson will cover Lateral and Linear speed training strength training plyometric footwork drills.