Info about our Personal Training in Henderson, NV 

Van Hook Fitness and Sports Performance is a high-performance training program for athletes, and those looking to make a serious commitment to their long-term health. Brian Van Hook provides athletes with an environment in which they can identify and work toward quantifiable improvements both inside and outside the training facility.

With an emphasis on individualized goals and needs, each client is provided with unique programming, nutritional tips and guidelines, and the coaching necessary to carry out these measures effectively. Recognized for its no-nonsense, motivating training environment with just the right mix of science and attitude, the knowledge displayed and results attended has led to success at every level.

You may ask what sets us apart? The answer is the small group setting! You will be training with Brian Van Hook, MS CSCS during every session.

Brian has quickly become noticed as the go to guy for athletic performance because of his hands on training approach. “It takes more than just weight room strength to be a great athlete” says Brian, “you need to be able to apply that strength to the field/court”!

For more information please contact:
VH Sports Performance Training
Phone: 702-232-5124
Fax: 702-838-0847
Henderson, NV

Training Sessions Include:


Warm Up and Flexibility:

 Improving Balance through a Routine of Line Drills

Increases Muscle Strength

Helps Reduce Sore Muscles

Helps to Reduce Muscle and Joint Injuries

Quickness Development:
One and Two Step Takeoffs
Quick-feet Drills
Develop Quick Hips
Balance Training
Change of Direction Training


Over Speed Drills:

 Developing Maximum Speed by Using Speed Equipment

Training for Increased Acceleration

Training the Muscles to responded quickly

Sprint Mechanics:
Correct Body Posture
Increase or Decrease Stride Length for Improved Results
Proper Arm Swing 

Resisted & Explosion Training:
Development of Lower Body Strength for Quick Takeoffs and Explosion
Jumping Drills
Resisted Jumping

Henderson, Nevada