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VHSP Athlete UNLV Soccer player Kyle Mellies named WAC Defensive Player of the Year

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VHSP Client Jordan Ober committed to Nebraska on full scholarship!

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Ryan Farr comments to University of Florida to play football for the Gators

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Van Hook Sports Performance client Drew Robinson Drafted in the 4th round by the Texas Rangers

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Van Hook Sports Performance athlete Mike Meyers Drafted by the Boston Red Sox

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VHSP Athlete Avalon Frantz is National Finalist for the wendy's high school Heisman

Academic Honors • All State Academic Team, Volleyball, Track & Student Council Commencement Speaker for National Youth Leadership Conference, Washington, D.C. National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist BCHS Science Student of... Read More »

VHSP client Jay Mattox is excelling at UTEP

Jay Mattox has been a client of Van Hook Sports Performance Training for over 4 years and played at Las Vegas High School. Jay Mattox made his... Read More »


Strength - Speed - Power - Agility 


At VHSP all our clients receive individualized programs based on the results of an initial one-on-one assessment, as well as regular progress checks.  From here, they’re coached in a Private 1-on-1 or a small group setting and put into an environment in which they can succeed and have fun. This training format provides a motivating, unconditionally positive environment.


Set up your evaluation today by calling 702-518-5122 to see the difference! We guarantee you will see what sets us apart with just the evaluation.


You will see from our evaluation that:
  • Custom training programs are more effective and efficient than random workouts.
  • The best training programs are based on comprehensive and personalized assessments. 
  • Everyone is an athlete. Athletes come in all sizes. All ages. All abilities.
  • Wherever journey you are on we can partner with you to commit to your goal of being healthy and fit.




Training programs designed to make you a faster, stronger and more powerful all around athlete! 


Football Performance Training

Baseball Performance Training

Basketball Performance Training 

Soccer Performance Training  


Las Vegas Sports Performance gym back


Each individual has various specific needs they should address for overall athletic development. You may have worked with a personal trainer in the past; if so you need to ask yourself a few questions! Have you ever worked on your running form? Your acceleration? Agility? Have they worked with you on the proper lifting progression to take your game to the next level?


Henderson Sports Performance gym



Adult groups at VHSP are designed to help you move better and feel healthier than you ever have!


At VHSP we TEACH athletes, we are COACHES hear to help you succeed on the field and/or court.   Make no mistake, the training program for athletes at Van Hook Sports Performance can be hard! But you will not jump into a training program you are not ready for! To start off, each athlete is evaluated based on current level of ability and fitness. After the initial evaluation, a training program is designed. This program will be based on each athlete's previous experience, evaluation data, performance trainer recommendations and sport-specific training needs. Emphasizing on technique first, the training intensity will then be progressively increased. Each session affords an opportunity for athletes to get faster and stronger, PERIOD!!! No gimmicks, no sales pitches, just training more explosive, more intense, more personal and more thorough than any you'll experience.



Have a specific goal in mind? The coaches at VHSP will hold you accountable and develop programs specific to your individual needs.


Training Sessions Include 

Warm Up and Flexibility:

Improving Balance through a Routine of Line Drills

Increases Muscle Strength

Helps Reduce Sore Muscles

Helps to Reduce Muscle and Joint Injuries


Quickness Development:

One and Two Step Takeoffs

Quick-feet Drills

Develop Quick Hips

Balance Training

Change of Direction Training


Over Speed Drills

Developing Maximum Speed by Using Speed Equipment 

Training for Increased Acceleration

Training the Muscles to responded quickly


Sprint Mechanics:

Correct Body Posture

Increase or Decrease Stride Length for Improved Results

Proper Arm Swing


Resisted & Explosive Training:

Development of Lower Body Strength for Quick Takeoffs and Explosion


Jumping Drills

Resisted Jumping