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Injury prevention is the cornerstone of any high quality sports performance, fat loss, or youth training program. At Van Hook Sports Performance, we integrate a variety of injury prevention exercises into our programming to ensure our clients remain injury free.

Our commitment to injury prevention begins with your very first session when we conduct a movement assessment to determine any dysfunction, weakness, or abnormalities you may have with your movement. The movement assessment provides invaluable information that we use to select a wide variety of corrective exercises specifically tailored to your individual needs. At Van Hook Sports Performance we work to help our clients prevent ACL injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, Shoulder injuries, Hip injuries, Ankle injuries, and much more.

Specifically, Van Hook Sports Performance offers:

• Functional Movement Screening
• Dysfunction and Imbalance Detection
• Individualized Programming
• Individualized Corrective Exercises
• Continued Injury Prevention Protocols

At Van Hook Sports Performance, we strive to make sure all of our clients move better, feel better, and achieve their goals injury free. We have built a reputation as the premiere injury prevention facility in the greater Las Vegas and Henderson area.