At Van Hook Sports Performance we provide you with a personalized training plan designed to get you to the finish line healthy, strong, and at your absolute best. It’s completely customized to YOUR fitness level, injuries, background, goals and life schedule. It includes:

• A complete training plan from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry if you’re doing what you should be
• Full workouts and paces so you know exactly what to do (no more trying to figure it out by yourself)
• Focused recovery, injury prevention, and strength exercises (not just running workouts)
• Strength and mobility routines to help you stay healthy and prevent injuries
• Advice on how to train that’s personalized to you


No matter if you’re training for a 5k, a sprint triathlon, a marathon, or an Ironman Triathlon, we at Van Hook Sports Performance make sure you’re doing the right workouts and the right mileage to help you reach your goals.


At Van Hook Sports Performance we take the confusion out of training. Don’t be frustrated by complex training plans. We do the hard work for you!


You get a detailed training plan up to 12 weeks long to make you a faster, stronger, and more athletic. Our job is the guide you along your fitness journey to make sure you understand what and why you are doing everything included in your training program.


So don’t settle for a generic program that doesn’t fit your fitness goals and background. Let Van Hook Sports Performance help you get a personal best in your next race!