I have become a better athlete.

With Van Hook Sports performance training I have become a better athlete. Van Hook Sports Performance training exceeded my expectations of becoming faster, stronger, and more agile. This training focused on my weak points and improved it dramatically, from my 40 time to my foot work. If you are trying to become a better all around athlete in football or in any sport Van Hook Sports Performance training is the way to go.

No one will give you more one on one time like Hook. He will greatly enhance your strength, endurance, footwork, cardio, and produce you to be the best athlete you can be. He is a great coach and I highly recommend him to any little league, high school, and college athlete. I have been with him for 2 years and have learned so much about my own tendencies from running, agility, and lifting, and Hook helped me correct and improve every aspect. Hook will help you improve to be a better athlete, bottom line!

Mitchell Lamonte, Palo Verde HS, Ventura College, UNLV