Aqualogix Training System for Athletics Performance

Create your Competive edge with Hydro Athletics program

  • Aqualogix enhances athletic performance training, it is essential to train the key muscle strength and joint actions that affect sports specific movement.

  • Aqualogix promotes system dynamics that navigates you to the essential means towards dramatic improvement in Speed , Quickness , Grace , Power, and Sports Specific Skills.

  • The athletes neuromuscular system will be continually challenged and ” SHOCKED ” by the intensity and complexity of the stimuli.

  • Aqualogix and its Aqua-Kinesthetics produces the advancements in athletic performance training that were previously thought impossible to accomplish.

  • The progressive , systematic , and sequential increase in the degree of complexity and stimulation will prevent nervous system stagnation and raise athletic performance training levels to new heights.


Hydrotherapy has been promoted by the medical profession for years, and it is often recommended for rehabilitation, especially knee, hip, lower back and shoulder.

Water’s buoyancy reduces impact on all joints thus reducing the impact forces, stress and potential damage. At waist depth impact forces are reduced by 50%, at chest depth by 80%, and suspended in deep water there is no impact at all…

Reducing Impact: Training for Longevity and efficiencey

Reducing impact is beneficial for injured ATHELTES. Lower or no impact can also reduce stress on athletes’ joints enabling them to train more often without joint damage or pain. The foot strikes might actually increase, but without the impact the athlete can train safely for longer. Water moves, massaging the muscles and joints improving circulation, synovial fluid release and venous return. Thus higher intensity workouts can be maintained for longer.

Cardio pool training Advantage/ prevent over Training

As venous return is assisted (Archimedes Principle), a cardiac client can train without increasing the heart rate or blood pressure dramatically. This is great for health improvements. An athlete can work at the same VO2 with a lower HR. Sometimes as much as 15bpm lower.

Circulation and Compression

As circulation is improved by the massaging effect of the water, and pressure assisting blood flow, water is the ideal place for recovery. Cooler water however constricts blood flow and reduces inflammation. Alternating cool/warm water is proven to assist muscle recovery increasing the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes.

Water provides multi-directional isokinetic resistance. Thus all movements against water are “harder” than air. But movements upwards are assisted by buoyancy. Water is more viscous than air,10 percent more and provides frictional resistance. As water moves eddies are created, also increasing muscle activation (esp stabilizers). The faster the limbs are moved through the water, the greater the resistance. With added surface area  like ,Aqualogix Resistance Technology, added buoyancy ( workout can be even harder.

Core Activation and Muscular Balance

The constant balancing and stabilising of the body in water results in core and stabiliser activation. When the Centre of Gravity and the Centre of Buoyancy are out of alignment the core muscles work very hard to stop falling or floating.


Water provides an accommodating resistance. Thus there is no “sticking point”. Working across buoyancy removes the eccentric phase of motion. This double concentric motion promotes a balanced muscular workout without DOMS. This means more training, more often without the soreness.

DEVELOP SPEED STRENGTH WITH POOL PLYOMETRICS Develop Elastic Power and Improve Jumping Form And VERTICAL Training your neuromuscular system to exploit the elastic“rebound” effect generates greater power. Athletes trained with plyometrics achieve their highest jumps after dropping from an elevated platform and “bouncing” off the ground. An untrained person, on the other hand, usually leaps higher from a standing jump   EXPERIENCE WHAT ELASTIC POWER IS in the pool AND DOMINATE YOUR OPPOSITION


The muscular force necessary to overcome water resistance to achieve speed in water translates into more EXPLOSIVE and GRACEFUL movement on land. Speed training on land is achieved by example, suicide drills (running to cones spaced incrementally farther apart and returning to the starting line after touching each) develop both speed and quickness. However, although effective, such land drills have an inherent RISK OF INJURY to the ankles and knees. Water’s buoyant support negates much of that risk.

DEVELOP WORLD CLASS BALANCE and Body Control:Agility drills in water improve a player’s ability to change direction and regain balance quickly. When a client moves through water, a current moving in the same direction is created. When cued to change direction, the athlete is forced to move against this strong current, which can be difficult to overcome. Such rapid directional changes in the water challenge and develop superior balance and dynamic Foot speed.