I have to say thanks to everyone, the response for the offensive lineman manual has been overwhelming to say the least!

With all the requests and questions I have been getting I am thinking about making it an “online database” type of workout. So what is that you may ask? Well it will be a type of "Paying Members Only" area that will include.

1. Online printable 3 month workout.

2. Questions will be answered on weekly bases.

3. Video demonstrations of all of the lifts, exercises, drills…etc.

4. Questions will be answered via video demonstration. (You will have the opportunity to email me with any question and I will post the response in the member’s area) I like this because most of you have repeating questions.


So what do you think? The members area will be a fee charged every 3 months and you can cancel you membership at any time (your access to the member’s area will stop) but you will be able to print out your workout and reuse them at anytime)

Please email vanhookperformance at gmail.com for more info!